The British Special Air Service

The British SAS Qualification Statement:

I agree to carry out arduous duties with no recognition, no rewards, no promotions, and no medals

Introduction to SAS Squadrons

There are four SAS 'Sabre' Squadrons (labelled A,B,D & G) each contains around 64men, the squadron is composed of four troops called Special Projects Teams each with 16 men which are further sub-divided into 4 four-men assault teams.

Each troop has its own speciality: boat troop (all aspects of amphibious warfare); Mobility Troop (Land Rovers, fast attack vehicles and motorcycles); Air Troop (freefall parachuting); and mountain troop (mountaineering and winter warfare operations.)

All soldiers are rotated through different troops during their three-year service with the regiment. This ensures that each man has at least two troop skills in addition to his patrol skills. This cross-training guarantees that each four-man patrol contains a broad cross-section of military expertise. In addition each sabre squadron is periodically rotated through CRW duty forming the anti terrorist team.

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