The SAS - Equipment


Bowman - Tactical Communications System 

Bowman is the Army’s new tactical communications system. Bowman will provide a tactical, secure voice and data communication system, replacing the Clansman series and taking over the headquarters part of the Ptarmigan trunk communications system. Bowman is a component of Land Digitization, which will include future battlefield information systems such as Makefast, a system supporting battlefield engineers.



The Royal Signals deploys transportable and manpack satellite ground stations, to provide communications links for headquarters or small groups located in remote parts of the world, via its SKYNET 4B system. Operations in the Falklands and Namibia proved the value of satellite communications and during the Gulf war there was an extensive use of SATCOM ground terminals. It is expected that a new series of SKYNET 5 satellites will be introduced to enhance SATCOM facilities in the future.

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Magalan GPS Receiver 

Length: 24 cm 
Width: 11 cm 
Weight: 950 g 
Type: 5 channel P/Y-code rec 

Global Positioning System Caption: UK/PR/079843 - Magellan GPS NAV1000M hand-held Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver weighing 0.85kg. By monitoring a minimum of 3 satellites it is capable of giving positional accuracy to better than 10 metres. Waypoints may be entered into the memory, allowing a complex route to be followed with exceptional accuracy. 

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Spyglass - Thermal Imaging Observation Aid 

Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition And Reconnaissance (ISTAR) equipment includes image-intensifying goggles, lightweight thermal imagers and laser target markers. Thermal imaging (TI) turns heat into light – allowing the user to see through darkness, rain or undergrowth. Body heat makes people appear bright: vehicles are visible by the heat from their engines – or even from warm tyres. LION is a lightweight thermal imager used at platoon level to detect targets at medium range, while Sophie is a long-range system deployed at company level. TADS is a thermal imaging sight which can be fitted to the long-range L96 Sniper Rifle used by sniper teams. Larger and more powerful thermal imagers are Spyglass and OTIS, which is used by artillery observers and is normally mounted on the Warrior Observation Post Vehicle.

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What goggles the SAS use I don't know, the official UK army site quote the MIRA as being the standard issue British army nightvision goggles, however the US issue the new AN-PVS7 to their special forces so I've included them as they're the sort of thing that would be issued to the SAS. 


I don't know what night vision goggles the SAS use but these are standard army issue. 

The MIRA nightsight is used by troops to enhance vision in the dark or in poor light. It can be either handheld or weapon-based, the latter locating on SA-80 rifles or Light Support Weapons. Larger MIRA sights exist for anti-tank location and are used on the MILAN system. 

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The PVS-7 is the world's most rugged, reliable, high performance Night Vision goggle for ground operations. Extensively used by the US Army, the PVS-7 is the State-of-the-Art in mono-tube Night Vision Goggles. 

These units are professionally assembled by a leading US manufacturer and feature new optics, new housings, and a new 45 lp tube selected to meet military contract spot specifications. All systems are brand new and are nitrogen purged to eliminate fogging in humid environments. 

Note: Small black spots will be present in the viewers image. These spots are normal for night vision and are within Omnibus-III military specifications and do not affect performance or clarity. 

The goggles can be fitted with 1x or 3x lens and can be fitted with a lightweight video out to record the mission of transmit the picture back to command and control. 

Resolution  - 45 LP/mm 
Battery Type  - 2 AA 
Battery Life  - 30 hours 
Magnification  - 1x with optional 3x 
Field Of View  - 40° 
Focus Distance - 2.5m To Infinity 
Size   - 6.3"x3"x6" 
Weight   - 1.8 lbs 

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